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  • Bench Press / Rowing Station, press arm is easily adjustable for exercises such as Bench Press, Incline Press, Should Press and Seated Row.

  • Functional Training Cable Station, Functional training arms are fully adjustable independently. Rotate the Cable Arms to the lowest position for exercises such as Arm Curls, Lateral Raises, Front Raises, and Shrugs. Rotate them upward for exercises such as Pec Fly’s, Bench Press, Incline Press, and Decline Press. Adjust the Cable Arms to the top position for Shoulder Press. These versatile Cable Arms also provide for Sports Specific training.

  • Ab / Core Station, The Middle Cable Station is perfect for performing exercises such as Ab Crunches, Core Twists, and High Cable Rows.

  • Leg Curl / Leg Extension,provides Seated Leg Extensions, Seated Leg Curls, and Standing Leg Curls! Well placed comfortable pads and handles keep you in the proper position.

  • 200LB precision full steel weight stack.

  • Heavy Duty 3.0mm thick steel main frame.

  • Accessories: Revolving Lat Pull Bar, Abdominal Crunch Strap, Two Multiple Single Handles and Ankle Strap  

  • Fully adjustable back pad and seat.

  • Leg Press Station optional.


Length:195 cm

Width:  150 / 200 cm

Height: 218 cm

Multi Function